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Sona Chandra is a Digital Explorer and engineer with the Takeda Digital Accelerator, a division of Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA. Sona manages projects to position Takeda as a pioneer in the digital age, including designing, developing, and implementing scalable digital experiments in functional areas like R&D, Commercial/Marketing, Medical Affairs, and more.


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Sona joined Takeda in 2015 and has overseen a number visionary programs. She managed Takeda’s Digital Academy, educating their workforce on the increasingly rapid and exciting innovation taking place in digital health. She also mentored and coached graduate students from the Keck Graduate Institute on a project exploring “beyond-the-pill” solutions. Under her guidance, the team prescribed a plan for execution at Takeda in two assigned therapeutic areas, Diabetic Nephropathy and Acute/Worsening Heart Failure.

Sona Chandra was born in Australia to proud Indian parents. When she was a child, the family relocated to Los Angeles, where she spent most of her youth. Given a longstanding aptitude to math and science, as well as her lifelong interest in helping people, Sona was drawn to healthcare at a young age. She attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, from which she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She also supplemented her studies by attending educational programs at the University of Limerick in Ireland and the European Union Study Abroad Program in Belgium.

During her time in school, Sona held a number internships which proved highly formative. She completed research for Medtronic, exploring multiple patents in the field of microelectro surgery and transcollation technology which seeks to improve the Aquamantys 3000, a device designed to reduce the loss of blood flow during orthopedic surgery. In 2012 she joined Immunovision Co., where she ran enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) to identify samples that test positive for certain diseases for further study.

Sona Chandra also provided critical resource to St. Jude Medical as a Design Quality Engineering Intern. Sona spearheaded an effort to redesign and develop a more efficient Design Transfer process, leveraging an interdisciplinary approach and managing relationships with multiple departments, such as R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations Quality. She also managed a varied portfolio of projects to improve tools in Excel and C++ which aid in streamlining processes conducted by the Design Quality Engineering Team.


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Sona Chandra is passionate about her role at the forefront of the digital health revolution. She deeply appreciates the potential for technology to dramatically transform patient care and is unwavering in her commitment to leveraging innovation to close a global gap in medical resources.

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